Optimisation of your therapy through 
personalised medicine


How well do you tolerate your medication?

Every person has a unique genetic background (DNA). This is one reason why people react differently to medication. One in four patients in Switzerland complains of undesirable side effects. With a quick pharmacogenetic test, MEDISYN SA can help you find out how well you will tolerate a medication. With the test result, your doctor will be able to select the right medication in the optimal dosage for you. This is an important step in assessing the efficacy and toxicity of different medicines.  

MEDISYN SA offers pharmacogenetic tests to evaluate the efficacy and toxicity of various medicines, such as the DPYD tests for individuals undergoing treatment with 5-fluorouracil - a chemotherapeutic drug for cancer treatment -, and others. For larger pharmacogenetic panels such as MyPGx (MyRHUMA, MyCARDIO and MyPSY), which have since been discontinued by SYNLAB International, please contact our customer support for a consultation.